before "I do."

Things we wish each of our brides knew

We’ve listened to hundreds of brides tell their story.

One of the Most Beautiful Days

There are very few times when one segment of your life ends and another begins.  Your wedding is one of the most beautiful days because it is one of these times; it is a beginning of all the things to come.

Here at Sola HQ we want you to shine like you have never shined, be loved like never before and have all that you wish for.

Brides have opened to us and told us what they wished they knew before saying “I do.”  Download what our brides told us here. (It’s a free PDF and we don’t collect email addresses.)

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Bride Tribe @ Sola HQ


One of our most frequent questions is “Where do my friends go who want to buy your cute hair ties?”

Here’s where they can order them and where you can get more:  They ship UPS 2-day for people who have Amazon Prime accounts.

Please get in touch with us if you have a special request and we’ll do our best to help you out!


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